Maverick Trike (Part 103 legal trike)

MAVERICK 14.9 Meter (A True 103 Legal Ultralight)

The Maverick is a “state of the art” highly refined low profile trike. This trike comes in three choices for you: Maverick RT (no fairings), Maverick Classic and Maverick Legend. We are proud of our extremely comfortable seating, a must for long flights. High ground clearance is another terrific feature for off-field landings.

We use only aircraft grade aluminum tubing throughout the trike frame. Aircraft hardware and fasteners are used on the Maverick. The rear suspension uses a strong fiberglass pultruded axle with drag struts. The mast pivots below the engine, which allows the top of the mast to be easily accessible to mount the wing. With a self- locking seat rail you can lift the wing and it will hold the wing up in position while you install the front limiter tube.

If you like to have a hand at building part of your trike. You may purchase the Maverick trike and wing without the engine, prop or gauges.

Std. Features

3 Utility Bags - for lots of storage
Front Fairing -Red,Yellow, White
6” Aluminum Mag Wheels
4 Point Restraint Harness
Hand & Foot Throttle
Seats - Grey or Black
RPM / Hobbs Meter
Front Drum Brake
Dual CHT / EGT
Remote Primer

Trike Specifications:

Weight w/447 252 lbs. (no fairing)
Gross weight 553 lbs.
Wheel Base (width) 62” (outside)
Wheel Base (length) 61” (center)
Total Length 102”
Total Height 7.85 Ft
Height-Trike Folded 5 ft. (with prop)
Height-Trike Folded 4 ft. (w/o prop)

Strong, rugged trike. Tested to 3 G landing limit load

Front Suspension / Steering

The Maverick has a rugged front fork and suspension system. The suspension (shocks) is of our own design, made up of elastomer spring material such as used on commercial aircraft and mountain bikes. You will appreciate the solid yet responsive feel of our trailing link system. Best of all, the whole fork assembly is made of a welded steel frame.

Dash / Instrument panel.

The Maverick dash area in either the Classic or the Legend fairing will provide a nice layout for gauges with room left over for your custom needs. Prices subject to change without notice.







Maverick RT, Trike only

Maverick RT, Trike & Wing

Maverick Classic, 447B

Maverick Legend, 447B

Maverick RT, 477B







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Maverick Trike Maverick Trike Maverick Trike
Maverick Trike Maverick Trike

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