ATF Soaring Trike (Part 103 legal trike)

ATF Soaring Trike (Part 103 legal trike)

Thank you for looking at our soaring trike. We feel if you're going to add power to get up in the air to soar or just power around. why not sit back in comfort and save your legs by using wheels?? Makes sense. Then the ATF is all the trike you need. Just look at all the features that you get with the North Wing "Lite Trike"!!!

Add power to your hang glider wing to give you the freedom to fly anytime. or shut down the engine to soar effortlessly - while saving your legs from foot launching by using wheels instead. Makes sense, doesn’t it? The ATF “Lite Trike” is all that you need to make your dream come true!

IMAGINE! Ascend effortlessly up to cloud base. Shut the engine off and soar in silence with the birds all afternoon. When the lift gets light, pull the overhead starter and fly back to your flying field - You can go home happy while your friends are waiting for their retrieval driver to show up. Prices and terms subject to change without notice.

Comes complete
ATF trike only $5390/ Complete with (Stratus) wing $9390.00

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We saw a need and did something about it.
Finally!! A glider specially designed for your ATF /(“Light Trike”).

The North Wing Stratus gliders designed to give you our standard ongoing quality that our customers come to expect. The Stratus with it’s all new wing design will give you true to life soaring experience. The North Wing Stratus is designed for improved sink rate that will finally let you shut down your engine with confidence. And with the new generation kingpost glider design you can clip a great glide as will. The Stratus can get you where you want to go!!!

The Stratus uses stability technology from the topless HGs to improve performance. Using only one bridle line and an outboard sprog (washout strut) we have achieved excellent pitch stability while reducing drag.

The Stratus uses a “State-of-the-art” airfoil that gives the North Wing Stratus superb acceleration through turbulence while displaying very docile flight characteristics in yaw and pitch. The Stratus shows excellent stall parameters straight ahead and in turns.

Hang Gliders are good on the light trikes but lets face it, in light lift…………. most the time you will keep your engine on. Not with the all-new North Wing Stratus!! What will amaze you is just how light of lift you can really play with and have fun!!

Speed Range 21-47
Trim 28
D.S. 75%
Area 182
Span 34.5’
Nose Angle 132
A/R 6.6
Top ribs 21
Low Ribs 8

LT221 LT222MZ LT222ST LT22J
ATF Trike, no engine or wing ATF Trike only - W / MZ34 ATF Trike, W/ MZ 34 & Stratus 17 ATF Trike only - W / JPX
$2,750.00 $5,990.00 $9,900.00 $5,990.00

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