US Airborne Paraglider and Ultralite training, Sales & Service

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US Airborne Paraglider and Ultralite training, Sales & Service

At U.S. AirBorne Sport Aviation LLC, we pride ourselves on bringing to the American buyer, what we feel is one of the best ultralight trikes (also called microlights) in Light Sport Aviation, manufactured by AirBorne Windsports. We offer both S-LSA and E-LSA aircraft fully factory built and ready to fly. We also offer a line of soaring trikes, part 103 legal single seat ultralights also known as nano light trikes and hang gliders, paragliders and paramotors, also called powered paragliders. We offer BRS ( ballistic rocket system) chute sales and installation and a full line of Lynx helmets and headsets (aircraft radio interfacing) that we feel are the clearest open cockpit aircraft headset we have found, but please judge for your self. We can fully train you as a Sport Pilot, Ultralight Pilot, Part 103, Paraglider or Paramotor Pilot at our new flight park the Eagles Nest in beautiful Washington State. We offer land based or float flying on the Snake River near Hell's Canyon and the River of No Return. Luckily we are able to travel during the cold winter months to warmer locations, so if you are hoping for training in your area, call to get on the winter travel schedule to train on your new Airborne Trike or ours. We offer a wide variety of accessories including the option to outfit your aircraft to fly off water, snow, ice,
fields, beaches or desert sands. First and foremost we are pilots here at U.S. AirBorne and we feel that flying is the truest and purest form of freedom. Please look over our web site and realize your dreams within these pages. Note*  going deep into our website you may find the form of aviation that you wish to pursue. When this happens you will never be the same, your dream of flying will fill you with joy and happiness unlike any
other experience in life. Follow your dreams, be free and fly like an eagle.

 Best Regards,

U.S. AirBorne Sport Aviation LLC

Scott, Terri, Chopper and Sundance

 There are new models available - The XT- 582 Outback and the XT-912 Outback. with newly designed instrument console and windscreen. New option available Rear disc. brakes. New 3 panel wing color configuration.
Ask about these and other new designs for more information **Watch for our articles in Powered Sport Flying Magazine.


We have added to our interest and are now exploring meteorite hunting. Scott has made some good finds. If you are interested in meteorites for sale or trade please contact     Scott at 509-780-8377

Join in the fun of exploring bits of the Universe. Nothing like finding a rock older than earth. This winter we will be hunting meteorites in many locations.


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Welcome to U.S. AirBorne Sport Aviation LLC, my name is Scott Johnson. I am a FAA Sport Pilot CFI in weight shift land and weight shift sea. I offer land trike training at our airpark, Eagles Nest in Washington State, we also travel throughout the warmer southwestern States during the winter months teaching at several locations. I teach weight shift sea (float) flying on the Snake River near Eagles Nest in Washington also.  My wife, Terri and I are the owner/operators of U.S. Airborne Sport Aviation LLC We offer sales, lessons and tours. If your interested in Ultralights, Paragliding or Paramotoring we can help you realize your dream. We also sell Airborne Hang gliders.

We have worked with the top guns at Airborne Windsports for over 20 years. Airborne specializes in the design and manufacture of ultralights (also called, Special Light-Sport Aircraft (S-LSA), Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft (ELSA) microlights, microlight trikes, microlight aircraft or ultralight trikes and powered hang gliders.

Choose from a variety of trikes and wings. New trikes and wings have been added in the last couple of years. Choices include the Airborne XTS-912 and the Airborne XTC-582 are both S-LSA compliant with the new sport pilot rules in the USA. Both aircraft use the Streak 3 wing or the newer Cruze wing. Both wings handle bumpy, turbulent air with ease. Powered by the Rotax 912UL, the XT-912 is undoubtedly the finest flexwing touring trike on the market today. When you step into the seat of an XT you will notice how comfortable it is straight away. In flight the XT coupled with the Streak 3 wing has unbelievable, predictable handling. On the ground the engineered finish is obvious. An aerodynamic faired control frame and neat enclosed battens (for a super clean trailing edge) sets the wing apart from the others.

The fully optioned Classic 582 which is fully faired with optional electric start and oil injection.

 Your choice of  our different pod and wing colors on XTS-912 XTC -582 and Classic units. 

The rugged Outback, now standard with electric start and oil injection and can also be optioned up with the tundra undercarriage. 

Redback 503 the latest and most affordable in our range of twin seat certified aircraft: can also be optioned up with the tundra undercarriage. 

We use quality Rotax aircraft engines in all of our current designs.

Feel confident when you fly, choose a certified aircraft. Our aircraft are certified to Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirements. Our design's are tested to 6g positive and 3g negative. That's a massive 2500kgs+ or 5511+ pounds in load applied to the wing for the positive test. Other test requirements include landing load, deceleration and weld testing. The Airborne factory is a CASA approved facility. Call now for Serious Recreation. 

US Airborne Paraglider and Ultralite training, Sales & Service

Eagles Nest Airpark

We are looking foreword to hearing from YOU. Call today to reserve time for your lessons/flight. RV space and camping available.

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Winter Travel
2010 Airshow and Winter Airborne promotional travel calendar.

Traditionally we  travel to the warmer climates of California, Arizona and Nevada during the cold winter months. If you want to make arrangement to meet with us in any of these locations please call or e-mail us to make arrangements.  509-780-0554 or 509-780-8377 or e-mail

To contact Scott on the road or during air shows please call 509-780-8

Winter TravelIf you would like to meet up for lessons in a warmer climate please call now to reserve your spot. Typically we are in Arizona, California and Nevada
The 2010/2011 Winter Airborne promotional travel calendar is open. If you would like to make arrangements for flight lessons or purchase with set up in your southern location, this winter season. Please contact us and get on the schedule.

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Scott began his flying journey with hang gliding here on the Snake River of Washington State back in the late 70s. Scott moved to the Owens Valley, California during the hay day of hang gliding. This is where Scott and Terri met in 1987. The Owens was considered the best air and best cross country flying (Extreme Air). He has always loved flying cross county and has 52 flights over 100 miles in the Owens Valley, of California and Texas, with his longest hang gliding flight at 179 miles landing in Happy, Texas. Around that time Terri had traded her hang glider for a paraglider, being among the first 200 APA members. Scott also expanded his interest to include paragliding and added one of the longest flights in the U.S. with his paraglider at 141 miles to his credit. Scott is an advanced instructor in Paragliding and Paramotoring also called powered paragliding as well as Trikes also called Microlights, Ultralight trikes or Special light Sport aircraft . Scott first became interested in the Trikes when he was participating in the Americas Cup Hang Gliding competition held in Australia. The 60+ competitors where towed skyward with Airborne Trikes. Scott was impressed and purchased his first Trike in 1991 and learned to fly it in the Owens Valley (Sierra Nevada Mountains).  Scott and Terri moved to Asotin, Washington in 1994 building on the dream of a place to fly and teach were the recreation options that they enjoy are available. Scott and Terri travel during the winter months to a more flight friendly environment, in other word where it is warm and sunny. They traveled through this life experience with Chopper their yellow nape macaw for 16 years and Sundance a 6 year old Doberman. Chopper's final sunset was Feb 4th 2011, he is forever missed in this physical life, our family is not the same. Sundance remains the wildchild. Scott is at most of the air shows and stays busy teaching, selling and setting up aircraft year round.  Scott is also available to travel to your location for set up and training when you purchase a trike from him. Dreams do come true, but you have to want it enough to make it happen.   Read More...

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